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After the end of the national team match day, the Ligue 1 clubs will face a very troublesome period: broadcaster Mediapro fails to pay the fees on time, and many clubs face the risk of food shortage.

国家队比赛日结正规赌足球的软件束后,Ligue 1俱乐部将面临一个非常麻烦的时期:广播公司Mediapro无法按时支付费用,许多俱乐部面临食物短缺的风险。

Mediapro is headquartered in Barcelona, ​​Spain. This company is also habitually called a "Chinese-Western joint venture" by the Italian media because their 53.3% shares belong to Oriental Hongtai Capital.


In 2018, Mediapro launched two major leagues, Serie A and Ligue 1 at the same time, and also grabbed the largest cake in multiple copyright package bidding.


For the previous 34 years, the main partner of Ligue 1 has been Canal+, a subsidiary of the French local media company Vivendi. The 2018 Ligue 1 bidding involves the copyright cycle of 2020-2024. In the bidding of multiple copyright packages, Mediapro’s participation has increased the broadcast rights of Ligue 1 by 59.7%, making the total price of 726 million euros from the previous cycle. It has risen to 1.15 billion, of which Mediapro bears part of the price of 780 million euros per year, and Canal+ only retained a few games.

在过去的34年中,Ligue 1的主要合作伙伴是法国当地媒体公司Vivendi的子公司Canal +。 2018年Ligue 1招标涉及2020-2024年的版权周期。通过竞标多个版权包,Mediapro的参与使Ligue 1的转播权增加了59.7%,总价格为上一周期的7.26亿欧元。它已经上升到11.5亿,其中Mediapro承担了每年7.8亿欧元的部分价格,而Canal +只保留了一些游戏。

At the same time, Mediapro participated in the Serie A copyright bidding for a total of three seasons in 2018-2021 in Italy. Their main behind-the-scenes supporter is Lazio Chairman Lotito. Due to the high bid of Mediapro, if they bid successfully, small and medium clubs have hope to increase their profits.


Unlike the experience in France, Mediapro succeeded in bidding for Serie A in February, but in May, they saw themselves lose the bid and lost 64 million euros in deposit.


This is because Mediapro did not provide a bank guarantee as required by the Serie A league. From the perspective of Serie A, the sale of copyright without bank guarantees is very dangerous. Once the opponent breaches the contract, the Serie A team may run naked in a long lawsuit. Only when the other party provides bank guarantees can it be possible to prevent such risks.


Since then, the Serie A alliance restarted negotiations with long-term partners such as Sky TV and sold the broadcasting rights at a price of 150 million euros lower than the annual price of the Mediapro program. Since then, Serie A and Mediapro have started a long and time-consuming lawsuit, which has not been settled so far. Serie A asks Mediapro to pay 150 million euros per year, totaling 450 million euros for the difference. Mediapro asks Serie A to return 64 million euros of deposit and compensate for the loss of image of more than 200 million euros, because Serie A dares to question the credit of such a great company. problem.

从那以后,意甲联盟重新开始了与Sky TV等长期合作伙伴的谈判,并以比Mediapro计划的年度价格低1.5亿欧元的价格出售了转播权。从那以后,意甲和Mediapro开始了一项漫长而耗时的诉讼,但至今尚未解决。意甲要求Mediapro每年支付1.5亿欧元,总计4.5亿欧元。 Mediapro要求意甲退还6400万欧元的押金,并赔偿超过2亿欧元的图像损失,因为意甲敢于质疑这样一家大公司的信誉。问题。

What's more interesting is that even though the two sides are in a lawsuit, Lotito still takes Mediapro to offer the broadcasting rights for the three seasons of 2021-2024 again. This time he promised Serie A an annual increase of 200 million in revenue, from 900 million to 1.1 billion. Lotito also persuaded many small and medium clubs to support him, but the giants headed by Agnelli, plus a few small and medium clubs such as Turin, Sassuolo and Bologna, successfully prevented the Lotito camp from getting a resolution in Serie A most.


The Ligue 1 experience undoubtedly proves the correctness and caution of the Serie A anti-lotito camp. The lack of banks to guarantee the payment of broadcasters has caused the French professional football league to face a huge crisis.

毫无疑问,Ligue 1的经历证明了意甲反LOTTO阵营的正确性和谨慎性。缺乏银行来保证广播公司的付款,这导致法国职业足球联赛面临巨大的危​​机。

Mediapro became the main broadcaster of Ligue 1 since the official start of this season, they also established their own TV station called Téléfoot. But Ligue 1 has only played 6 rounds, and Mediapro has already begun to wrestle.

自本赛季正式开始以来,Mediapro成为Ligue 1的主要广播公司,他们还建立了自己的电视台Téléfoot。但是Ligue 1只打了6轮,Mediapro已经开始搏斗。

The French Professional Football League was supposed to receive a remittance of 172 million yuan from Mediapro on October 5 this year, which is the second money this season. Then the French Professional Football League will transfer the money to the accounts of various clubs within this week. But Mediapro's money has not arrived, and it will be especially difficult for clubs such as Saint-Etienne, Marseille, and Bordeaux that urgently need this money to maintain liquidity on their books. Even the wealthiest Paris Saint-Germain is also very upset, because they are not banks, and they also have huge payment pressures like star salaries.


Mediapro not only did not pay, but their boss, Jaume Roures, voluntarily told the “Team Daily”, “We hope to renegotiate the contract this season. The impact of the epidemic is too serious. Bars and restaurants are closed, and the advertisements are completely It’s collapsed. Everyone knows this. The professional football league requires the government to compensate for the losses caused by the new crown. We have the same logic."

Mediapro不仅没有付款,而且他们的老板Jaume Roures自愿告诉《 Team Daily》,“我们希望本赛季重新谈判合同。流行病的影响过于严重。酒吧和餐馆都关门了,广告完全倒塌了。每个人都知道这一正规赌足球的软件点。职业足球联赛要求政府赔偿因新冠而造成的损失。我们有相同的逻辑。”

In fact, due to concerns about Mediapro’s payment problems, the French Professional Football League also tried to temporarily insure the broadcast contract this summer, but no one was willing to underwrite it because the risk was too great.


On the other hand, is the closure of bars and restaurants the real reason for Mediapro's expected decline in revenue? Perhaps things are not that simple. Their newly created Téléfoot channel has not absorbed enough subscribers, and the number of growth is lower than expected. This is the most fatal problem. If there are not enough subscribers, what kind of ads are you selling?


No one commented, but quiet


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